Dizzy Moon

One cello & one voice. Dizzy Moon is a singular project that proposes an extremely sensitive combination, where the richness of the cello sounds mingle with Maryse's limpid and ethereal voice and bring a beautiful and intimate music. With songs mostly in English—sometimes in French—one lets oneself get carried away by the smooth and airy unity with folk and indie influencies. A rooted blues also tinkles & reveals our own feelings.

The new EP “secrets under the banyan tree” is available here ( bandcamp) digital: https://dizzymoon.bandcamp.com/album/secrets­under­the­banyan­tree
You can also receive the original CD via post. Artwork designed by Golnar Kat.

­ Last year, with Frank from Orange Ear, we went on rooftops, on streets, shooting always at night, waiting for the best weather conditions for the music video.

"Dizzy moon around" from Dizzy moon
Video by Orange´Ear


2009 was born the project Dizzy Moon. It's Maryse Guédon's solo project as a French cellist and singer.

Since her beginning at Festival de poche (Tours, France), Dizzy Moon combined her photograph exhibition with her concerts at Galerie Mauricio Cordero (In the pocket, 2009) at the library in Chambray-les-Tours (Photofolies en Touraine, 2010).

Since she settled in Berlin in the autum of 2010 she kept on this combination, aside a myriad of concerts in unique and unusual places in Berlin, particularily Retramp Gallery (48 Stunden Neukölln, 2011) and in Heroes (April 2012). In the Autumn of 2012 she did a residence in France and played in Paris (L'International) and other cities in France.

She also took masterclasses with the famous cellist Vincent Ségal (Rencontres internationales de Beauvais, 2002) and Ernst Reisjeger (Jazz in Mulhouse, 2005).


In February 2013 she organized a tour in Belgium (Compilothéque in Brussels and L'an Vert in Liége) with her project and also with Madine, where she accompanies Claire Weidmann with her cello. (madine.bandcamp.com)

Nos Envolées is a duo with hang player Benjamin Riehm since Autumn 2012. nosenvolees.bandcamp.com

Besides Dizzy Moon composed with the guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto a music for the documentary film «Toyong, l'entre-saison» of Aurélie Mandon (Kanari films, Paris), shown on TV Tours and the Asiatic Film Festival in Tours (2012).

In 2011 she played in the duo Berlin Japan (berlinjapan.jimdo.com).

Part of the band Jules Etienne e le volpi 2011 Scars & Bandages (CD EP) J.E.M. 2011


Maryse's camera is much lighter than her cello. With it she captures her wanderings, questioning the luminosity of city and countryside without any particular purpose.

Her gaze focuses often on nature and architecture - patterns and close cropped shapes that create new contexts and visual rhythms.

It enables a mode of expression besides her cello and voice. For Vernissages she is always ready to perform her musical project Dizzy Moon.

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From 2002 until 2009 Maryse Guédon was the cellist of the French post-rock band Poney Club. The band produced their own albums («a six stock speeches», «Gusty winds exist», «Tighter than a Tick», «Rustles of Wings are Songs», «Start from scratch» and played among others with Explosion in the Skies, Do make say Think, berg sans Nipple, Ez3kiel, Rodolphe Burger and Nouvelle Vague.